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Mesuron Inc.  is Taking the Art of  Bio-Magnetic Measurements in the Magnetically Unshielded Environment to the Next Revolutionary Level!

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  Mesuronís MagnetoCardioGraphy is the Ultimate Solution for managing

the Acute Chest Pain Patients in Emergency Departments

MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG)


Mesuron Inc. is a US commercial company specializing in the development and fabrication of SQUID-based magnetometers for various applications, including MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG), which is our main interest and the center of our attention. Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs) known since early 1960-s are the most sensitive sensors of magnetic field. They are capable of measuring extremely weak magnetic signals from a beating heart, clearly distinguishing between healthy and diseased (ischemic) hearts. We have more than 30 years of extensive experience in developing such equipment, but only lately we have achieved a breakthrough in constructing magneto cardiographer that can reliably operate in any open, magnetically non-shielded environment, such as a typical hospitalís emergency room (ER), or intensive care unit (ICU). Before this breakthrough, diagnostic measurements in busy, magnetically noisy environments were either impossible or at least defective. Now, with Mesuronís equipment, they became reliable and accurate. Measurements can be reliably made in close proximity to hospital elevators, all kinds of medical apparatus, moving metal beds, working printers, computers, etc. Needless to say, the magnetic environment in a typical private cardiology office is even more conducive to a smooth operation of our system. 

State of the art sensors, readout electronics and sophisticated software in our latest MCG system "Avalon-H90" makes a single (60-90 seconds), totally non-invasive measurement of time-dependent special distribution of the magnetic field over a patientís torso (patient at rest on a bed), and from that single measurement it delivers valuable diagnostic result in 2-3 minutes -- the result that can be immediately interpreted by a doctor or by a technician.  This is done without any contact with the patient's body, without any kind of induced radiation, and without any injected pharmaceuticals. It is truly non-invasive. This became possible upon development of our proprietary, unique environmental magnetic interference (noise) reduction technology, said noise reduction built into the Mesuron magneto cardiograph, both in hardware and in software.  

Currently  Mesuron Inc. is making MCG systems for the R&D purposes. By customer request, we can certify such a system for safety with CE mark through UL testing and safety evaluation. Mesuron also has plans to have an FDA 510K (safety) approval for the MCG system "Avalon-H90". 


Clinical Value of Mesuron's MagnetoCardioGraphy


#1 Emergency Medicine - ER, ED and Chest Pain Units

Mesuron's MCG is providing a rapid noninvasive, no radiation, no contact, no pharmaceuticals test delivering results that could be used to rule-out low risk cardiac patients with chest pain admission with very high negative predictive value. It also delivers rapid result for chest pain patients having high risk Ventricle Repolarization Abnormalities (MI or ischemic cardiac events), with high positive predictive values. It also gives an indication for the low risk cardiac patients for further evaluation and follow up.



#2 Cardiology

Mesuron's MCG system such as "Avalon-H90" performs in regular cardiology office.

It will be capable of providing a millisecond by millisecond high spatial resolution of the electric activity map over the human heart within a minute, with the patient resting and no electrodes attached using only single measurement above the human chest

Due to its inherent synchronization over the whole magnetic map and using a single, completely contactless measurement of the electric map during 90 seconds this system will address a whole range of issues, including detection of the heart ventricle repolarization problems related to the ischemic heart disease (delivering results similar to the SPEC) as well as fast transitory, irregular processes, such as fast ventricular tachycardia.

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 Mesuron Inc.  also develops and manufactures custom SQUID Magnetometers for other applications. We created a stand-alone product line of the state-of-the-art low noise non-magnetic cryostats  for different SQUID Magnetometer configurations. Our products have the best quality and lowest prices in the field.

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Multi-Channel custom SQUID Magnetometers for

Magnetic Bio-Markers Localization


 Mesuron Inc. is proposing uniquely designed SQUID magnetometers based on second order gradiometer sensors with a variety of relative sensor configurations and sensor designs. These are intended to reliably operate in open, non-magnetically shielded types of environment such as a regular hospital room. One of the promising directions of using this system is detection and localization of different cancer types in the human body in conjunctions with magnetic bio-markers for cancerous cells. The Mesuron team has extensive experience and was involved in development and production of commercial SQUID magnetometers for MCG use. For example, systems with 9 and 36 measuring SQUID sensors capable of localizing Magnetic Dipoles of small magnetic source activity (several femtotesla) with millimeter accuracy.
Presently  Mesuron Inc. is designing a relatively inexpensive, user-friendly SQUID magnetometer system with about 90 channels for MCG and Magnetic Bio-Markers localization.
It will be capable of providing a millisecond by millisecond, high spatial resolution multidimensional magnetic activity map over the human body. 
Due to the nature of the sensor configuration and its inherent synchronization over the whole magnetic map using a single completely contactless measurement, in one minute, the system creates the most comprehensive measurement data for inverse solution software for magnetic dipole localization. This is not only for precise single source localization but for multiple source localization as well!
 Mesuron Inc. is also proposing less expensive SQUID magnetometers for single magnetic source localization by utilizing several second order gradiometers in configurations that provide sufficient data for using the inverse solution software.









Low Magnetic Noise

Fiberglass Cryostats

Series BA1


BA1 cryostat series is popular in research and experiments with large dimension cryogenic devices requiring maximum access to the cryogenic vessel.  We can produce cryostats with L = up to 1000 mm, D1= 200 mm and D2= 260 mm and H = 15-20 MM

The full size cryostat has the volume of about 18 liters and liquid helium evaporation rate of 2-3 liters per day depending on the numbers of the inserts (SQUID magnetometer probes) or the numbers of connecting wires. Evaporation rate without inserts is bellow 1.5 L/D






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About Mesuron Inc.


4A Northway Lane, Latham, NY, USA, 12110 Tel: 518-557-3510 email: Email:


Incorporated in 2011,  Mesuron Inc. is a late development-stage company engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of non-invasive systems to measure and analyze bio-magnetic signals from the hearts of humans and animals.

The Companyís goal is to become the dominant purveyor of magnetometry systems for multiple biomedical applications. At present, the Company's focus is on the cardiac diagnostic applications.  Mesuron Inc. strategy has been developing and manufacturing of reliable, affordable systems optimally configured to solving clinical diagnostic problems, and to clinically validate its products.  

Founded by Alexander Bakharev, a cryogenic expert and successful entrepreneur,  Mesuron Inc. began the US operations in 2011.

Prior to  Mesuron Inc., Mr. Bakharev was the founder of the Russian Krionit Scientific Technical Enterprise. The company was involved in the development and manufacturing of different kinds of SQUID magnetometers, such as SQUID Microscopes, SQUID MagnetoEncephaloGraphs (MEG) and MagnetoCardioGraphs (MCG). Krionit had sold equipment to several US universities including Stony Brook University, US Naval Research Laboratory, IBM, LG Electronics, Samsung in Korea, customers in the UK, Germany and other companies around the globe.








Scientific and Medical Advisory Board

 Riccardo Fenici, MD, PhD


Dr. Riccardo Fenici is specialist in Cardiology and in Vascular Surgery.

He is Associate Professor of Cardiology and Director of the Clinical Physiology - Biomagnetism Clinical Research Center, at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart (UCSC) in Rome (Italy).

His research extends in Clinical Electrophysiology, Monophasic Action Potential recording, Computer ECG Analysis, High Resolution ECG, Clinical and Experimental  Magnetocardiography, Magnetic Cardiac Mapping and Multimodal Cardiac Imaging of cardiac electrophysiology for non-invasive preoperative localization of arrhythmogenic substrates, Magnetocardiographic detection of myocardial ischemia. He has also studied risk assessment in WPW patients, Autoimmunity against β-adrenoceptors in patients with silent cardiomyopathy and "idiopathic" arrhythmias, Autonomic Nervous System and Heart Rate Variability. Police Stress.




Low Magnetic Noise

Fiberglass Cryostats

Series BA4

Cryostat series BA4 is used with cryogenic probes or devices requiring large common access to the cryostat which has a small diameter of the sensors area. BA4 provides the smallest "H" distance possible and a cryogenic bulb that is very stable in vibration. Helium consumption is usually better than in the B1 cryostat though it still depends on the "H" distance requirements and the cryogenic insert design in the cryostat neck region.




Low Magnetic Noise

Fiberglass Cryostats

Series BA6

BA6 design is used when there is a need for a special access during measurements taking. BA6 can work in any position in relation to the measured object. The maximum cryogen volume in this design is a half of the cryogenic vessel. The cryogenic vessel must be thermo-stabilized in order for all of its parts to have the same temperature as cryogen itself. On  operating only in the upside down position, the cryogen volume can occupy up to 90% of the cryogenic vessel. In this case,  filing it up with cryogen is possible only in the upside down position as well. 





Low Magnetic Noise Fiberglass Cryostats 

Series BA5

A horizontal cryostat is the most challenging one to design and manufacture.

 Mesuron Inc. series BA5 allows for the placement of a cryogenic insert as large and long as the cryogenic vessel itself. As with other Mesuron cryostats, the proprietary cryogenic lock design allows to remove the cryogenic insert out of the cryostat without the need for any special instruments. The cryostat automatically becomes hermetically sealed during the cool down. 




Low Magnetic Noise

Fiberglass Cryostats

Series BA3


Cryostat BA3 series designed without outside "tail" that is increasing the cryogenic liquid evaporation time having in the same time lowest "Hot-to-Cold" distance.






Clinical MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG)

 Mesuron Inc. is a US commercial company specializing in the development and fabrication of  SQUID-based magnetometers for various applications including Clinical MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG) systems

for heart scan procedures.  We have more than 30 years of extensive experience in developing SQUID Magnetometers include Clinical heart scan SQUID Magnetometers (MagnetoCardioGraphs)

which reliably operate in open, magnetically non-shielded types of environment, such as a regular hospital room. Our Clinical Heart Scan SQUID Magnetometers (MagnetoCardioGraphs)  

measure electromagnetic signals directly from the human heart without any contact with the patient's  body. Our company's unique magnetic noise reduction technology allows 

measuring the heart signal  in real hospital environment in close proximity to hospital freight elevators, working printers, computers and moving hospital personnel.

 Mesuron Inc.  also develops and manufactures custom SQUID Magnetometers for other applications. We created a stand-alone product line of the state-of-the-art low noise non-magnetic cryostats 

 for different SQUID Magnetometer configurations. Our products have the best quality and lowest prices in the field.

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