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BackLow Magnetic Noise Fiberglass Cryostats

Series BA5

A horizontal cryostat is the most challenging one to design and manufacture.

 Mesuron Inc. series BA5 allows for the placement of a cryogenic insert as large and long as the cryogenic vessel itself. As with other Mesuron cryostats, the proprietary cryogenic lock design allows to remove the cryogenic insert out of the cryostat without the need for any special instruments. The cryostat automatically becomes hermetically sealed during the cool down.

 Mesuron Inc. cryostats outperform competitors' cryostats due to

  • higher reliability: most of our cryostats have been in working condition for more than 20 years

  • longer helium hold times

  • lighter weight

  • resistance to mechanical damage

  • lower magnetic noise

  • smaller hot-to-cold distances

  • easier access to liquid helium or nitrogen,

  • faster cool down

  • safer operation.


Please, note that cryostat dimensions may differ from those in the pictures. All cryostat pictures are just examples of possible SQUID magnetometers configurations. For more custom cryostat details please contact us

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In the Picture:

D1 - The inside diameter of the cryostat neck and cryogenic vessel

D2 - Cryostat outside diameter

L - Length of the cryostat without inserts (cap)

Lb -Cryogenic vessel length


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