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About  Mesuron Inc.


4A Northway Lane, Latham, NY, USA, 12110 Tel: 518-557-3510 email: Email:


Incorporated in 2011,  Mesuron Inc. is a late development-stage company engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of non-invasive systems to measure and analyze bio-magnetic signals from the hearts of humans and animals.

The Company’s goal is to become the dominant purveyor of magnetometry systems for multiple biomedical applications. At present, the Company's focus is on the cardiac diagnostic applications.  Mesuron Inc. strategy has been developing and manufacturing of reliable, affordable systems optimally configured to solving clinical diagnostic problems, and to clinically validate its products.



Founded by Alexander Bakharev, a cryogenic expert and successful entrepreneur,  Mesuron Inc. began the US operations in 2011.

Prior to  Mesuron Inc., Mr. Bakharev was the founder of the Russian Krionit Scientific Technical Enterprise. The company was involved in the development and manufacturing of different kinds of SQUID magnetometers, such as SQUID Microscopes, SQUID MagnetoEncephaloGraphs (MEG) and MagnetoCardioGraphs (MCG). Krionit had sold equipment to several US universities including Stony Brook University, US Naval Research Laboratory, IBM, LG Electronics, Samsung in Korea, customers in the UK, Germany and other companies around the globe.

Mr. Bakharev was also the founder, President, Chairman of the Board and CTO of the CardioMag Imaging Inc., a company involved specifically in the commercialization of MCG systems. Under his leadership the company developed and commercialized up to the FDA approval a 9 Channel SQUID MCG system which was successfully tested  at the John Hopkins Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Cedar Sinai Medical Center in the USA and at the Hoyerswerda Clinic in Germany. These MCG systems have also been in the commercial use in several cardiology clinics in China


First ever MCG system (7 SQUID channels) working in Magnetically Unshielded Environment

Designed in Krionit Inc. (Russia) and in CES Inc. (USA)

(prof. of Cardiology Ricardo Finici on the MCG system)

First MCG (9 SQUID measuring channel) sold to Huston University TCSUH in 1999

Designed an manufactured in CES Inc.


At present,  Mesuron Inc. owns the underlying technology in cryostats, novel SQUID sensors configuration and software, as well as specific solutions in terms of system architecture and electronics working specifically in the magnetically unshielded environment in close proximity to hospital freight elevators, working printers, computers and moving hospital personnel.


First and only "single shot" (90 seconds) 36 SQUID channel MCG system

installed in Italy, Catholic University for prof. of Cardiology Ricardo Finici


 Mesuron Inc. main focus is the development of MCG SQUID-based systems and custom made SQUID magnetometers for various applications including SQUID systems for animal studies.


Mesuron "Avalon 90" is the

Ultimate Solution for Emergency Departments (ED) managing Acute Chest Pain Patients

delivering Ventricle Repolarization Dynamics Analytics (VRDA) results during 3-5 minutes since patient admitted to ED.


Presently,  Mesuron Inc. is designing a relatively inexpensive, user-friendly clinical MCG system with about 90 channels, which will be capable of providing a millisecond by millisecond high spatial resolution of the electric activity map over the human heart within a minute, with the patient resting and no electrodes attached. Due to its inherent synchronization over the whole magnetic map and using a single, completely contactless measurement of the electric map over 60-90 seconds, this system will address a whole range of issues, including detection of the heart ventricle repolarization problems related to the ischemic heart disease as well as fast transitory, irregular processes, such as fast ventricular tachycardia. Significantly, it requires no contact with  the patient's body. Not even a simple 3-lead ECG used for the synchronization in the lower-level MCG systems is needed.


 Mesuron Inc., 4A Northway Lane, Latham, NY, 21210, Tel: 518-557-3510 email:




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