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Clinical MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG)  - "Avalon-H90"


Presently Mesuron LLC is designing a relatively inexpensive, user-friendly clinical MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG) system based on SQUID sensors. It will be capable of providing a millisecond by millisecond high spatial resolution of the electric activity map over the human heart within a minute, with the patient resting and no electrodes attached using only single measurement above the human chest

Due to its inherent synchronization over the whole magnetic map and using a single, completely contactless measurement of the electric map during 90 seconds this system will address a whole range of issues, including detection of the heart ventricle repolarization problems related to the ischemic heart disease as well as fast transitory, irregular processes, such as fast ventricular tachycardia.

Significantly, MagnetoCardioGraphy requires no contact with  the patient's body. Not even a simple 3-lead ECG used for the synchronization in the lower-level MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG) systems is required.


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MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG) configuration:

  • MagnetoCardioGraphy SQUID Magnetometer:

    • Liquid Helium Cryostat

    • Liquid Helium meter

    • Set of SQUID measuring probes

    • SQUID electronics with 24 bit Data Acquisition System

    • Power supply

  • MagnetoCardioGraphy Magnetometer Holder with vibration dumping elements

  • MagnetoCardioGraphy Software:

    • 24 Data Acquisition Software

    • Automatic Environmental Noise Elimination Software

    • Automatic Heart position and orientation software

    • Automatic or semiautomatic Heart signal averaging

    • Electrical (or magnetic) Heart Signal Mapping 1 or 0.5 mls 

    • Heart ventricle repolarization (T-Wave) Analysis

  • MagnetoCardioGrapgy XYZ L shape outlet Patient table



UL (Underwrite laboratory) Safety approval for Medical Device Category  is optional


We are proposing special MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG) system configuration with Cryostat based on Cryocooler that required no liquid helium and low cryostat maintenance cost.


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